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IDN is empowering drivers to work with private clients.

Independent Driver Network

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IDN Network is the world’s first and most robust private client management system for rideshare, taxi and food delivery drivers.

Drivers sign up, set their prices, and the system automatically sends their service cost to their existing clients or any new client.

IDN is free for drivers. A Premium version unlocking extra options is also available allowing drivers to show their support for the project.

"This is an absolute must have app for drivers that want to stop paying for abusive commissions"
Uber Driver in Auckland

Freedom vs Slavery

IDN Network

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Premium Version

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With IDN Public your clients will be able to receive your quote along with the quote of many other drivers. With IDN Private your clients will receive your quote only.

Within the main menu of our business interface, navigate to the “Distribution Channel” menu. From there, you can update the application settings to ensure that quotes are sent exclusively to the IDN Private app.

IDN Corporate empower drivers by enabling them to create groups or organizations, fostering collaborative growth and accelerating their path to independence.

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